Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Mia Bakes: Biscoff Baked Cheesecakes

Very recently, I got a taste of Bloomsbury Bakers' speculoos cheesecake (thanks to CL!) and it was so good! Well, coming from someone who doesn't really like cheesecakes (especially no bake cheesecakes), this can only mean that it was absolutely divine! I mean, how can you go wrong with speculoos, right?
And so, the ever-so-gluttony me decided to try recreating my own version of the speculoos cheesecake!

So let's get over the ingredients, so we can get started!

You'll need:

For the cookie base
15 pcs of biscoff cookies
5 pcs of butter cookies
(I used tiger original bisuits because I wanted to use them up)
30g unsalted butter, melted
a pinch of salt

For the filling
200g cream cheese, soften
1 egg
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
60ml whipping cream
15g plain greek yogurt
60g biscoff spread
(I used crunchy, but you can use smooth and add more crushed biscoff)
a pinch of salt
5 pcs of biscoff cookies, lightly crushed

recipe adapted from delish.com

First up, fill your oven's baking tray with water (enough to cover up to half the depth of your muffin tin) and pre-heat it to 160 degrees celsius (or 325 degrees fahrenheit).

Next, to prepare the cookie base, pop the biscuits into a ziplock bag and crush them well using a rolling pin. Add in melted butter and salt, and toss them until the consistency resembles wet sand. It should hold together when you apply pressure, so if they don't, just add more melted butter.
Evenly distribute the cookie mixture into 12 standard size muffin/cupcake tins and press them down until they're evened out and well compacted and set them aside.
As you can see, instead of 12 standard cupcakes, I've made 6 standard + 12 mini instead.
That'll work too.

In a clean bowl, beat the cream cheese with a handheld mixer or a balloon whisk to loosen it up before beating in an egg and vanilla extract until well combined. Then, mix in the whipping cream and greek yogurt until well combined before mixing in the biscoff spread. Finally, fold in the crushed biscoff cookies and you're ready to assemble!

Evenly distribute the filling into the 12 muffin tins with cookie base. You may crush up more biscoff cookies and sprinkle them over the top of your cream cheese filling before sending them into the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Check if your cheesecakes are done by lightly pressing down on the surface and if it holds up (doesn't matter if it's slightly jiggly), it's done!

I've decided to do without anymore added sugar as the biscoff spread is sweet enough for me. However, if you'll prefer a sweeter baked cheesecake, you may add more biscoff spread or beat in a tbsp or two of castor sugar into the cream cheese before adding the egg and vanilla extract. :)

Just like any other baked cheesecakes, these yummies should be chilled at least a few hours (or preferably overnight) in the fridge before you sink your teeth into one! 

Till then,
Mia Foo

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Hokkaido Travelogue: Day 7 - Sapporo

Initially, I have planned to have cakes at Odori Bisse for breakfast on Day 7 in Sapporo, but somehow, along the way, Kinotoya Cafe at Bisse Sweets got me distracted, mainly because their bakes look way more "breakfast worthy" as compared to those fancy looking cakes, which might be a little too surfeiting. 

Omelette Parfait Set - 756 Yen

Actually, I was really expecting an omelette, but it was actually a layer of very soft and fluffy (a tad dry, though) sponge cake, topped with a generous layer of light whipped cream and cut fruits like strawberry, kiwi, peach, grapefruit and etc. First look at the amount of whipped cream and I was a little put off, thinking that it would be too jerlak (surfeiting), but it turned out pretty all right, partially because the sponge cake was on the drier side, so having more of the whipped cream really helped. 

Morning Set B - 756 Yen

The BF's set B consist of this pretzel croissant, along with clam chowder, a side salad and a cup of hot coffee/tea. 
First time trying a pretzel croissant, but I can't decide if I really like it. Perhaps either a croissant, or a pretzel would have been better? 

Kinotoya Cafe Odori Koen is open from 8am to 9pm daily. 
For more information, visit their website HERE.

So after a satisfying #cheatdayworthy breakfast, we hopped onto the Tozai Line and headed over to the Sunpiazza Aquarium located at Shin Sapporo Station. 

The Sunpiazza Aquarium is a compact city-type aquarium located next to a large-scale shopping center and is an easy access from both the JR and subway stations. Visitors can enjoy going to the aquarium as well as shopping and having a meal. There are saltwater fishes and crustaceans brought from a wide area which includes the neighboring seas and southern oceans, a habitat for coral reefs, and rare freshwater fishes. Other attractions include the harbor seals and rockhopper penguins who are loved for their adorable movements , the Asian small-clawed otter, and the clione, which is characterized as “ floating ice angels”. 
“The Fish Circus Show” takes place everyday and on Sundays and holiday, the staffs puts on a feeding show in the water tank that accommodates approximately 1,500 fishes. Visitors can touch crabs and starfish in the “Touching Pool”. 

The aquarium is located at the Sunpiazza Shopping Mall and is barely a 3 minutes walk from the subway station. Entrance fee is priced at 900 yen for adult, and even thought aquarium isn't that big, you can still spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours here. 
And here are some spoilers for you. :)

There's this "doctor fish" tank, which the BF had a great time entertaining himself over. Personally not a fan, too itchy!

There's this cute looking seal/sea lion (?) with a very attention-seeking pair of nostrils. 
Watch my instagram video HERE

I LOLed at this candid shot the BF took for us (Mr. Stingry and I). Love how it seems like we're staring at each other. 

And this, is the biggest attraction point of the squarium for me! You get to "shake hands" with an otter! Believe it or not, I've waited almost 1 hour, right at the otters' exhibition tank for this. 
Watch my instagram video of the otter's handshake HERE

And we're also lucky enough to bump into the timing of their penguin-walk the very minute we reached the aquarium at 11 plus am. 
Watch the cute little penguin's walk to the elevator HERE

The Sunpiazza Aquarium is open from 10am to 6pm daily. 
For more information, visit their website HERE

So after bidding all the sea creatures goodbye, we hopped back onto the Tozai Line and headed to Maruyama Koen Station, where the Hokkaido Shrine is located at, 15 minutes walk away. 

The Hokkaido Shrine was built in 1869 after the Meiji Emperor decreed that the “three pioneering gods” be enshrined to uplift the spirit of the pioneers. Judge Yoshitake Shima, who had undertaken the design of downtown Sapporo at the time, selected Maruyama, which was surrounded by mountains on three sides and open to a plain on one side, as the site of the new shrine. The existence of a shine dedicated to the Shinto deities not only offered spiritual support to the pioneers, who faced difficulties in clearing through the virgin forest, but also served as a gathering place for the people to meet and talk. In 1964, the Showa Emperor approved the additional enshrinement of the Meiji Emperor, thus Hokkaido Shrine now enshrines four gods. The protective deities, who have overseen the development of Hokkaido and the happiness of its people, continue to play an important part in Hokkaido citizens’ lives — particularly on New Year’s Day, the day before the start of spring, and during exorcisms and weddings. The nature-rich shrine, where visitors are likely to see wild squirrels, draws many visitors in the spring when cherry and plum blossoms bloom simultaneously.

The shrine is basically located within Maruyama Koen, and house up to 1400 Sakura trees and 250 Ume trees. I can only imagine how stunning the place will look like during Spring/Sakura seasons. But as we chose to visit during end of May/early June, which is the super off-peak and absolutely-nothing-is-blooming season, it did look like of miserable. 
We specially dropped by the convenience store to pick up a pack of nuts, hoping to feed the squirrels (supposed to have a lot of resident squirrels at the park), but I guess the rain forced them all into hiding. :(

And so, feeling damn disappointed, we hopped back onto the Tozai Line and headed back to Odori/Susukino area for more random (daiso) shopping, dinner, and pachinko. 

Did I mention that the BF was OBSESSED with pachinko? =.="

Anyway, the plan was to look for the popular Garuku Soup Curry, but we just chanced upon Curry's Tribe located near the Tanukikoji Shopping Street and decided to give this a try.

Love, love love these so much! 
Even though as insanely popular as Garuku, this is still so much better than the Hokkaido Soup Curry that has landed in Singapore a while ago. I guess that's how it is, everything in Japan just taste way better. 

For more information on Curry's Tribe, visit the website HERE

And this basically concludes our time in Sapporo! Do stick around for our Day 8 in Asahikawa, coming up real soon (I hope)!

Till then,
Mia Foo

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Mia Bakes: Sweet Potato Mochi Nian Gao Balls

On my previous post on Portuguese Nian Gao Egg Tart (HERE), I've mentioned that I've baked two different nian gao snacks and so, here is the second one, sweet potato mochi nian gao balls!

For approximately 30 mochi nian gao balls, you'll need:

Approximately 1/3 of a medium sized nian gao
200 to 225g of purple sweet potato (peeled)
100g glutinous rice flour
1 tbsp corn flour
30g castor sugar
1 tbsp vegetable oil
(or other flavourless oil)
2.5 to 3 tbsp water
a pinch of salt
(recipe adapted from msyummylicious.asia)

Cut the nian gao into small cubes to your preference, depending if you'll like your mochi nian gao balls big or small. They need not be of the same size, as you can always stack a few of the "stray corner pieces" together into 1 ball. 
First up, chop your peeled sweet potato into large chunks and steam it for approximately 20 to 30 minutes until they're cooked and soft enough to mash. While still hot, mash them up with a fork.
Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well with a spatula or just with your hands (it's so much easier as the dough will be rather stiff) until everything comes together into a pliable dough. 
I suggest that you start off with just 2 tbsp of water first and add more if you find your dough too dry and crumbly. Final texture of the dough should be of playdough consistency, and doesn't stick to your hands at all.

If you're a little OCD, you might want to weigh your dough and divide them into equal pieces according to how many nian gao cubes you have, or you can just go free and easy like me, and eyeball everything. I even ended up with differing sizes of the mochi nian gao balls. 

So, either with your measured out portion or an eyeballed portion of the sweet potato dough, flatten it in between your palms and wrap a piece of the nian gao cube inside. Repeat until you've used up all your dough/nian gao cubes.

In a small pot, heat up some frying oil over the hob and fry the balls over medium heat until it just starts to brown. Remove from the oil and set aside to drain. After 1st round of frying, turn up the heat and re-fry the fried mochi nian gao balls over high heat for just a couple more seconds before removing from the oil. Drain off the access oil using paper towels and your fried sweet potato mochi nian gao balls are ready to serve!

These are oh-so-chewy, so sweet, and so addictive! And oh yeah, rather high in calories too, so make sure you don't over-snack on them. HEH! 

Till then,
Mia Foo

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Mia Bakes: Nian Gao Portuguese Egg Tart

Hello lovely readers, CNY 2018 has just ended, which means... It's time for some nian gao bakes again! If you still have no idea what's nian gao, or how does it look like, you can drop by my last year's recipe for Nian Gao Mochi Balls HERE

Anyway, this time I've decided to challenge myself and make TWO nian gao snacks at once, and so let's start off with some Nian Gao Portuguese Egg Tarts, an idea I've shamelessly copied from Yum Cha. It was a, "Oh yeah, why hasn't anybody thought of adding nian gao into egg tart?" moment when I saw all those influencers' posts on their mini nian gao egg tarts on instagram and I decided to further oomph it up by switching it from a Chinese (HK) egg tart recipe to a flaky, Portuguese egg tart recipe!

So here's where you need for 6 standard muffin tin sized tarts:

recipe adapted from peggy lee on freefoodrecipe24.blogspot.com

1 frozen pre-rolled sheet of puff pastry (I used Borg's)
(if you wish to abuse yourself as make your own puff pastry, go ahead!)
60ml heavy cream
100ml whole milk (do not use skim milk)
1 large egg yolk (at least 15g)
1/2 tbsp corn flour
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
20g sugar 
a pinch of salt
sliced nian gao 
(according to your preference, so long it fits into the base of the tart, but thinner slices are better)

Do note that the thicker your nian gao is, the less egg custard you shall have, and the less sugar you should add into your egg custard because the nian gao is darn sweet on its own!

First up, cut your thawed pre-rolled puff pastry into half and stack the two pieces on top of each other and rolling it tightly into a log on the shorter side. Wrap this up with cling wrap and put it back into the freezer for a few hours or overnight. 

While the puff pastry log is still frozen, slice it into 6 equal pieces using a sharp knife and pop them into a lightly greased muffin pan and set them aside for 15 to 20 minutes for them to thaw out while you prepare the custard.

In a small pot, add in your heavy cream, whole milk and sugar and heat them up over small fire until all the sugar has dissolved. 
Take the pot off the heat and whisk in vanilla extract and corn flour until smooth before whisking in the egg yolk. Then, bring the mixture back onto low heat and cook until the mixture begins to thicken (coats the back of your spoon). 
Bring the entire pot off the hob and set it aside in cold water to cool down the mixture. 

When your puff pastry is thawed, press it in slowly into the muffin cups with WET FINGERS. 
Learnt this trick from Cupcake Jemma, so you might want to check out exactly how it's down HERE

Be very gentle and slow with this as you do not want to tear your pastry skin. I do so by first pressing it down right at the centre with my thumb, and then give the base a few good presses along the sides of the base to thin out the pastry, before using the tip of my forefinger to slowly drag the pastry up on the sides of the muffin tin. If you have really long fingernails, this step will be a total b*tch, so I'll highly advise that you trim your nails short before attempting this step. 
Otherwise, you might want to try first rolling it out into a disc first (but seriously rolling out a circular disk takes MORE skills, no?) and then fit the circular sheets into the muffin tin by making minor adjustments here and there.

When all your muffin cups are now fitted with the pastry skin, pop a piece of sliced nian gao into the base of each tart and fill it up to 80 - 90% full with the egg custard. 

Pop your tarts into a pre-heated oven at 250 degree Celsius to bake for about 20 minutes. 

Can you see my 2nd nian gao snack in the background? 
(find out what is it HERE)

These tarts are best enjoyed while they're still warm, as the nian gao will be extremely soft and gooey. As you can see, I've very unskillfully sliced my nian gao a little too thick, hence I've ended up with equal ratio (or slightly more) of nian gao than egg custard layer. =.="
I guess an idea ratio will be 4:6? >.<

Do try out this recipe and let me know if you like it!

Till then,
Mia Foo

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Guest Post: The Complete Beauty Routine of Doe Deere

The rituals that you perform on your body every morning before leaving your house can either break or make your day. Beauty gives you the freedom to interact with people and perform your daily duties with confidence. Therefore, before your daily routine starts, you have to choose the right products to keep your skin attractive and protected throughout the day. 

Deere’s daily beauty routine allows her to begin her days in the right spirit. She is the Founder of one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world known as Lime Crime. According to Deere, her daily beauty routine plays a vital role in the success of her career in cosmetics. After getting eight to nine hours of comfortable sleep, the beauty queen and fashion diva wake up exactly at 8:30 a.m. every day. She does not need an alarm because she believes that she has an excellent biological clock that keeps her awake at the right time. Getting eight to nine hours of sleep every day allows her body to relax and her skin to stay clear before applying makeup.

Deere lives in Los Angeles in the United States, a city that has dry air most of the time. Therefore, after waking up at 8:30 a.m. she consumes a full glass of water that helps her body to stay hydrated throughout the day. After taking a glass of water, she stretches her body to stay fit and relaxed. The camel exercise suits her body. 

It is not possible to have a complete beauty routine without an excellent diet. Therefore, after stretching and performing daily exercises, Deere moves on to make a perfect breakfast. Her breakfast must include her favorite hot cereal, grits. Grits are nutritious to consume because they are extracted from corn. In addition to this, the beauty queen must consume a variety of fresh fruit juices that play a significant role in keeping the skin hydrated and beautiful. She gets some of the fruits from her well-maintained garden and juices them for her daily consumption.

After a workout and consuming a healthy breakfast, Deere gets on her mobile phone to check the trending activities. Through the internal chat system of the company, Deere communicates easily with her Lime Crime Team, which enables her to know the key activities in her business before leaving her house to the office. She likes opening her Instagram application to stay updated on the trending things in the cosmetics world. Deere responds to official emails frequently to ensure that her business runs smoothly.

Deere listens to music that motivates her when doing her daily makeup. Currently, The Beatles are her favorite records that she must listen to every morning. To ensure that her hair is dry in the morning, the fashion diva showers at night before going to bed. This enables her to come up with her desired hairstyle each morning when doing her makeup. After washing her face, she uses a perfect moisturizer, Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence of Murad, to keep her skin hydrated. Next, Deere chooses the right foundation for her face.

Currently, her company, Lime Crime, does not manufacture foundations. However, she has plans to introduce the products soon for her clients. She chooses the right products to fill her eyebrows while checking herself keenly in the mirror to ensure that everything goes well. The favorite part of her makeup process is applying lipstick and blush. She chooses the right colors for her face and ensures it matches with her hair and other accessories. She takes approximately 15 minutes to an hour every day to complete her make up.

After getting her signature looks and wearing her best clothes, she leaves the house and arrives in her office at 12:00 noon. At the office, she interacts with the Lime Crime Team, clients, and enjoys a wonderful lunch. She attends crucial meetings and usually arrives back to her house at 6:00 p.m.

by Kelly Hammond

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Mia Bakes: Banana Bread Muffin

What do you do when you can't finish your huge bunch of bananas before they go all spotted and browned?
Bake some banana bread! :)
Just a small tip: If your banana is getting too "spotty" and you aren't going to bake the banana bread until a few more days later, PEEL the bananas first, then dump them into a ziplock bag and pop them into the freezer. When you're ready to bake, just take them out and thaw them out. It'll be alot easier to mash after they're frozen-and-thawed too.

So, following Genius Kitchen recipe for a standard loaf of banana bread, I made some tweaks here and there to get 7 (small) banana bread muffins of about 152 kcals each (calories for that 6 mini chocolate chips on each muffin NOT counted).

You'll need:
55g unsalted butter, soften
110g castor sugar equivalent of zero calorie sweetener.
(this is how you get 152 kcals)
1 egg
~190g of mashed bananas
(Should be about 1.5 bananas. I've used 1 small-medium banana + 2 baby bananas)
96g all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

optional: chocolate chips/chopped nuts as toppings

First up, mash up your bananas to your preference. If you prefer to still have small chunks of bananas in your muffin, then mash them up until you still have bits of banana flesh left. If not, just mash them up until they're like fruit puree.

In a clean bowl, cream your soften butter and sugar substitute until slightly pale and fluffy. Creaming your butter and sugar substitute will give you a more tender, cakey texture. If you'll prefer a denser, heavier banana bread muffin, use melted butter instead and no creaming is required.
Then, beat in your egg and mashed banana until well combined before adding in the dry ingredients and folding until just combined.
Never, ever overmix the batter or you'll end up with rubbery and tough banana bread.
I know it's tempting to keep mixing when you see your batter still extremely lumpy, but that's how it should be. Your banana bread will be a flop if you end up with a smooth looking batter.

Next, divide your batter into 7 muffin cups, or 6, if you prefer a bigger muffin with the distinctive muffin top. As a form of calorie-control, I chose to shrink my serving size and ended up with more of a cupcake (just a slight dome-top instead of a spillover muffin-top).

Sprinkle topping of your choice over the batter (or skip it if you prefer, as the muffin itself will be sweet and tasty enough on its own) and send your muffins to bake in the oven at about 180 degree Celsius for 17 to 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
I checked mine at 15 minutes and found just a little bit of wet batter on the toothpick and then left them to bake for another 3 more minutes, checking every minute to make sure I don't overbake my muffins.
Remember, an overbaked banana bread muffin = a failed banana bread muffin!

And tadaa~

These muffins are slightly cakey, extremely moist and much lighter (in texture) compared to those typical dense and heavy banana bread (made with melted butter). Usually my bakes can last us for a few days (as my family really aren't a fan of sweet treats and baked goods in general), but these muffins just disappeared miraculously within 24 hours. 

Till then,
Mia Foo

Monday, 22 January 2018

Hokkaido Travelogue: Day 6 - Otaru

Oh my god, I suddenly realised that in a few months' time, my Hokkaido trip would have been over for ONE YEAR. Not sure if I can complete all 11 (or rather, 10) days before one year is up, but I shall try harder.
Anyway, Day 6 is the day for our Otaru day trip! 
From Sapporo JR Station, take either the JR Semi Rapid Ishikari Liner or JR Hakodate Line to Otaru JR Station, which should only take you about 35 to 40 minutes. 
The total train fees including our trip on the Tozai Line from our hotel to Sapporo JR Station only cost us 840 yen each. :) 

Upon reaching (coming out of) Otaru station, we headed towards the left corner and headed up a short flight of stairs to get to Sankaku Fish Market, for breakfast!

You'll get to a signboard with all the stalls located inside the market, but all reviews online basically just points to Ajidokoro Takeda. 

Which offers really affordable sashimi don, kani don (crab don), and kanijiru (crab miso soup)!

Oyako Don (Salmon sashimi with Salmon Roe) - 1200 Yen.
Look at that generous amount of salmon sashimi and ikura! For just 1200 yen, that's a steal!

We also ordered some grilled hokkigai (first time trying it cooked, and sadly I prefer it raw), raw oyster and more crab miso soup! The miso soup here definitely has more ingredients (see that huge scallop!) as compared to the ones we had in Hakodate (HERE), but in terms of taste, I found the ones in Hakodate much more flavourful. 

After a hearty breakfast, we headed down to the site of Temiya Line to snap an "obligatory" shot on the tracks before moving on down the streets towards Otaru Canal. May I briefly mention that they have extremely cute design for their manhole covers on the road? Saw one with a super duper adorable otter on it, but since it was right smack in the middle of the busy road, I didn't manage to snap a photograph of it. :(

And over at the Otaru Canal, the stone-paved paths alongside the canal gives a certain romantic charm, and was further accented by the old-fashioned lamps that lined the way. 

And it's just so nice that the lamp was nicely cut off in this shot. *ROFL*

You might want to consider taking the Canal Cruise, a 40 minutes day cruise at 1500 Yen, departing every 30 minutes from 12:30pm onwards at Chuobashi Bridge. 

From the Otaru Canal Terminal, all the way to Marchen Intersection is Sakaimachi Street, which is lined with businesses using the old stone warehouses to give us a unique Otaru experience. 
And guess where we're headed off to first?

The Venetian Cafeteria!

To get the famous, 7-layers soft serve!

They also serve other snacks such as potato-churros, takoyaki and rice burger. But I strongly advise that you just get the soft serve and be over and done with it. 

The 7 layers include: Grape, Strawberry, Matcha, Melon, Milk, Chocolate & Lavender. 
Other than lavender, which tasted like perfume, and therefore, not yummy. The rest were pretty good! Other than the safer choices of milk, matcha and chocolate, I found myself really enjoying the grape layer too. 

After filling our tummies with tons of ice cream, we headed further down the streets and explored a few other small shops selling novelty items and cute trinkets, before coming to the next "must-visit" place of Otaru, the Musical Box Museum. 

Everything here is also darned expensive (and friggin fragile), so do be careful to not break anything (and also your bank) while you're here. 
The "beautiful" price tags aside, this museum is indeed filled with beautiful pieces of art, so even if you can't really afford such decorative musical boxes with a luxurious price tags, you surely can afford a bit of your time to admire them. 

And after admiring all my Mickeys and Minnies, we headed right next door to Yume No Oto. 

And guess what?


Everything here is just so cute, it'll bring a smile to literally every human being. Look at all those round and fluffy Totoros!

After bidding the cute and fluffy Totoros goodbye, we retraced our steps back towards LeTAO PATHOS for more yummy treats! There's a total of 3 (or two?) LeTAOs located around Sakaimachi street, each "specialising" in a different food, so I suggest that you do your research before choosing which LeTAO to drop by. 

For me, it's definitely cakes!

And at LeTAO PATHOS, you definitely has to try their Double Fromage Cheesecake, which is a unique blend of double layers of cheesecakes. The top layer is a creamy and smooth no-bake cheesecake, while the bottom layer is a rich, baked cheese cake. And the way these two layers just melts together in your mouth is just magical. 
I'm hardly a fan of cheesecake in general, but this Double Fromage totally got me hooked!

If you have a bit more time to spare, head up to the 3rd floor for a vantage point to admire the view over the busy Sakaimachi street. If you're still game for more food, do check out Kitakaro & Rokkatei for more baked goods or head over to the next street for fish cakes at Kamae Kamaboko. 

And with our nearly bursting tummies, we left the Sakaimachi Street and headed uphill towards Suitengu, the Shinto Shrine that overlooks the Otaru Port and Ishikari Bay. 

But sadly, Lady Luck wasn't shining on us and it was an uphill climb wasted to find that the shrine is undergoing renovations. T.T

So after heading back downhill and loitering around the Otaru Port and bay area, we retraced our steps back towards the Otaru JR station dropped by Wakadori Jidai Naruto Honten for the famous Otaru Fried Chicken for an early dinner!

Just to let you know that, the shop name is indeed THAT long. Just keep a lookout for the cute chicken logo if you can't read Kanji / Hirigana well. 

And of course, you have to get a pint of ice cold beer to go with fried chicken! 

Not your typical battered fried chicken, this famous Otaru fried chicken does seem a little underwhelming when finally served to our table. But do not let the normal appearance fool you! The skin was fried till crispy, yet not too heavy and jerlak like your typical battered skin. The meat was still tender and very flavourful, yet not oily and "overly juicy" either. 
Other than Lucky Pierrot in Hakodate, this fried chicken has to be the other dish that I'm really missing dearly upon returning to Singapore. 

And of course, when in Hokkaido, order MORE Kanijiru! 

From the restaurant, it was only another 10 minutes walk back to Otaru JR station and a ticket back to Sapporo will set you back by merely 640 yen and take you about 40 to 50 minutes. 

And this basically concludes my 6th day in Hokkaido (excluding pachinko and daiso-shopping upon returning to Sapporo). Do stick around for my 7th day in Sapporo, whereby I got to shake hands with an Otter! 

Till then,
Mia Foo

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